Brand new 'What I'm Reading on Governance & Conflict' starting soon!

Following a brief hiatus (i.e., rest…) after handing over the weekly Covid-19 ‘what we’re reading’ email to Sian Herbert and K4D/GSDRC (available here), I’m going to kick off a new ‘What I'm Reading on Governance & Conflict’ email very soon.

This will always include what I’m actually reading and have found interesting/useful/maybe-even-occasionally-infuriating, as well as a few thoughts on why it’s worth reading too. I’ll try to include a wide range of governance and conflict topics from a wide range of countries and regions, though the balance may tip ever so slightly in favour of corruption and organised crime because of my own research. I may also throw in the occasional relevant tv show or film from time to time…

In order to try to spend more time reading and less time emailing, I’ve set this up using Substack to help minimise the admin for sharing this. Rather than me circulating it via work email, uploading onto my blog and sharing via Twitter/LinkedIn, people can choose to sign up for it directly. I promise that this will be no more than weekly, but it may also be biweekly or even monthly if things are too busy.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue!

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